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ALYNOX has experience in a number of demanding market sectors, including petrochemicals, thermal power generation, shipbuilding and aeronautical industries.

It produces the following types of part for its customers:

  • BW (Butt Welding) fittings;
  • seamless tubes (to customers' specifications);
  • rolled/welded pipes;
  • flanges;
  • forged fittings;
  • piping accessories in accordance with customer diagrams.

ALYNOX can also advise customers on technical purchasing services.

ALYNOX strives to offer its customers total satisfaction through high-quality, appropriate solutions. The technical expertise of its teams, and the proprietary technologies it has developed, make it a partner of choice.

Forged and seamless fittings

  • For over thirty years ALYNOX has offered a wide range of BW fittings and machined fittings for the civil nuclear market. ALYNOX has built a strong reputation on this demanding market and is recognised for its expertise in manufacturing (cold forming, hydro-forming and machining), quality and service. ALYNOX has a continuing programme of research, development and product improvement to meet the highest standards.

    Alynox is qualified as an RCC-M stockist and has a large stock (contact us)


  • ALYNOX has a long track record with important navy programmes, supplying components for surface ships and submarines. It is now a technical and commercial leader in this sector.

  • ALYNOX provides accessories for hazardous applications, with grades and thicknesses suited to the specific needs of its customers in this sector:

    • refractory stainless steel;
    • duplex;
    • Nickel alloy (inconel);
    • Titanium.
  • As well as grades suited to steam generation and circulation (high pressure and temperature), ALYNOX has developed multiple extrusion techniques for collectors and Y-couplings, specially hydro-formed for these applications.

  • ALYNOX manufactures hydro-formed components for jet engines. These Inconel (Nickel alloy) parts are produced using our patented hydro-forming technology.