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Pipes and accessories

ALYNOX offers a range of pipes in a wide range of dimensions, manufactured to its own specifications by selected suppliers, and thus has specific castings at its disposal to meet its customers' metallurgical requirements:

  • RCC-M (M3304, M1141, M1143, etc.);
  • ASTM;
  • ANSI;
  • EN (EN 10216, EN 13480, etc.);
  • customer standards.

Working from pipes or forged blanks, ALYNOX manufactures a full range of standard fittings and accessories (EN 10253 type A&B, RCC-M M3301, M3317, M1149, M1151 and ASTM) for BW and SW, clamps (EN 1092, EN 1759, NF-E 29203) and extruded seamless manifolds.

ALYNOX has a permanent stock of pipes tracked and inspected to RCC-M nuclear standards. ALYNOX ensures that its stock of products is highly versatile. ALYNOX is also able to inspect and/or requalify an extensive range of pipe grades.


Pipes and accessories manufacturer